Panzer Fight Stick 3 – General – Panzer Fight Stick Kit Options Explained

Please find the following graphic to help show what all of those options for a Panzer Fight Stick Kit actually mean! Please note, if you order a PRO CABLE pass through connector for your stick, you will need to add a PRO CABLE to the order as they do not come with the pass through. This actually gives you MORE options for build for a lower cost.


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Bulk Shipping Status

I’m sure you read the Shipping Information Page and understand that orders get consolidated (after packing and labeling) and shipped to the US to minimize the number of individual packages being sent on a daily basis. Here’s the status of those larger boxes:

Shipping Information and Timelines

Yes, this was displayed boldly on the website when you placed your order. This single post can and will answer about 99.9% of the questions regarding shipping, so I wanted to keep it readily available so that I could refer back to it when I inevitably get a couple hundred questions about shipping status…

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