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Capcom CPS3 Arcade PCB Case

Ships beginning of August 2023.
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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 14 × 4 in


CPS3 Metal Protective Case/Enclosure.

The Capcom Play System 3, also known as the CPS3, is an incredibly popular arcade platform amongst arcade hobbyists. With recent developments such as the Darksoft CPS3 MultiKit and other mods available with SCSI2SD, real arcade hardware use at home and in tournaments has never been easier. I designed the first CPS3 case years ago to offer a nice alternative to the clear acrylic sheet protectors I had offered in the past. The design was simple, clean, and offered an easy way to protect your hardware. In 2020, I officially closed up shop to start on my MBA but the demand for these cases remained. In 2021 I did offer a single run of the cases but with updates! These included:

  • Added a spot for the Darksoft MultiKit DipSwitch PCB to be mounted internally and accessible to the outside of the case.
  • Added a spot for an HDMI Port to be mounted when used with the CPS2DigitalAV mods and a single 12mm pushbutton to control it.
  • Made the case taller to support the DarkSoft Multi SIMMS that required more clearance.

Updates to the case for this run: Second 12mm button for the DigitalAV controls

What you will receive:  CPS3 Case with basic assembly hardware.

Case Details:

  • Cold Rolled Steel, powder coated finish.
  • All graphics are digitally printed direct to the case. No stickers!
  • Supports the DigitalAV with HDMI port and 2 12mm Button Cutouts.
  • Supports the Darksoft CPS3 Ultra Simms and has a mount for the dip switches on top/front of the case next to the test button cutout.
  • Cart cutout is clean without any additional hardware for brackets/etc. (I am a big fan of removing the cart for transport!)
  • Mounting points with access to the SCSI2SD if used.
  • Access to JAMMA Edge, Audio Output, and Kick Harness.
  • Rubber feet on the bottom.
  • Simple two piece design.

What you will need to provide:

  1. CPS3 System itself.
  2. HDMI Port (optional). They are a panel mount HDMI connector by Poyiccot. Nothing fancy, but they will work and sit nicely in the case. That’s all that matters.
  3. SCS2SD (Optional).  Here’s the one I use and modeled the cutouts after.
  4. 2x 12mm momentary pushbuttons (Optional). These can be any you want to use as long as they fit a 12mm circular cutout.
  5. CPSDigitalAV kit (Optional).
  6. HDMI cables for the Digital AV Kit (Optional).

UPDATED 07/11/23: I have five in production – they are all blue/yellow capcom themed and will ship the beginning of August from Virginia, USA.


Color Examples:


  1. Do I need to use the SCSI2SD with a Darksoft Multi? No. You will either use the Multi Kit or the SCSI2SD depending on your use case.
  2. Do I need to install the DigitalAV kit? No. The cutouts are provided for convenience and simplicity because you can’t easily cut steel at home. Its just easier to provide them and populate the parts even if you won’t use them now.
  3. Can you provide any of the additional parts with the kit? Due to the limited quantities of these I can’t economically obtain and store parts to include with the cases.
  4. Do I pay now or when it ships? Now please.
  5. Where can I mount the CD Drive? You can’t. These are designed to forgo the CD Drive in favor of either UltraSIMMs or the SCSI2SD route.

Recommended Integrators

These are the folks that I know and trust to work on my gear or have a long history of great customer service and experience with my cases, installs, and more. Their work is their own and not affiliated with JasensCustoms (Jasen Hicks) at all.

iFixRetro (Ben Fong)

CruzLink (Jose Cruz)

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 14 × 4 in

7 reviews for Capcom CPS3 Arcade PCB Case

  1. Ryan Deopante

    By far the best CPS3 case out there! The case is solid and the paint job is cleanest there is. If you’re looking at retaining your CPS3 or looking into owning a CPS3, order one of these cases! I took 2 CPS3 boards to Korea and I wouldn’t trust any other case to protect my boards. 5/5 STARS!!!!!

  2. Huey Le (verified owner)

    The best CPS3 metal enclosure on the market. Everything screems quality and Jasen customer services are top notch. I can’t find any metal case for CPS3 on the market that can match this level of quality. Totally recommended for whoever own an CPS3 board

  3. Conner (verified owner)

    Very happy. Great way to protect my investment into my No CD Third Strike setup. Color is fantastic, as well. The blue and yellow is iconic.

  4. Anselmo (verified owner)

    High Quality Case with a thoughtful design.

  5. Casey Jaworski (verified owner)

    Excellent Product and Service. It really helps to have a nice case on a CPS3

  6. Matt

    Beautiful, functional case. Protects your CPS3 while leaving dip switches, volume, and the test button in easy reach. Easy to assemble. Excellent support from Jasen. I haven’t found a way to remove the kick harness without either using a tool or pulling on the wires, so I might just dedicate a kick harness to my CPS3.

  7. mark (verified owner)

    Super happy with the purchase. Looks incredible

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