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Capcom CPS1 Arcade PCB Case

Production On Hold until July 2023.
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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 6 in

Blue Top, Black Bottom (Standard Theme)


CPS1 Metal Protective Case/Enclosure.

The Capcom Play System, also known as the CPS1, is an incredibly popular arcade platform amongst arcade hobbyists. With recent releases such as the Darksoft CPS1 MultiKit, classic CPS1 arcade hardware use at home and in tournaments has never been easier and a smart case that protects its all makes sense . I designed the this CPS1 case to compliment the CPS2 and CPS3 cases already offered because you all asked! The design is simple, clean, and offered an easy way to protect your hardware.

What you will receive:  CPS1 Case with basic assembly hardware AND a custom designed DIPSWITCH PCB that Mitsurugi_W and I co-developed. You still need the CPS1 board part from Mitsurugi_W, the case does not come with that or the ribbon. You can just swap your existing DIPSWITCH PCB (not the one on the CPS1 board) with the included one and it will work fine, it doesn’t matter if you have the FFC cable or RIBBON cable version. Both work!

Reference Notes: When I say “FRONT” I mean the side of the case with the game selector screen. When I say “BACK” I mean the side of the case with the filter board and HDMI port. I use these references because it’s how I imagine the case sitting on my shelf like a console.


UPDATED 11/15/22: Each production run, aka pre-order period, will be open for about 30 days. Once complete, I will being manufacturing and shipping them. To keep costs as low as possible, they will ship about 18 days after the pre-order period ends. That means, you can expect to wait about 48 days to get your case. This is the most economical way to keep these in production.

Case Details:

  • Cold Rolled Steel, powder coated finish. Screws counter sunk for a clean line!
  • All graphics are digitally printed direct to the case. No stickers!
  • Supports the DigitalAV with HDMI port and 2x 12mm Button Cutouts next to the filter board
  • Designed specifically for the Darksoft CPS1 multi-kit. The game selector screen/buttons will mount inside and on the front of the case, similar to my CPS2 case. The fingerboard, HDMI port, and DigitalAV buttons are on the back of the case.
  • A small slot next to the filter board is cutout to pass through the slim ribbon cable for the remote DIP SWITCH PCB by Mitsurugi_W. This cutout supports SPINNER cable passthrough as well!
  • 40mm fan mount on the side of the case.
  • Vents on the side of the case, opposite the fan to promote cross flow.
  • Rubber feet on the bottom.
  • Simple two piece external design with a sliding tray inside for mounting the CPS1 PCB.



Shipping Timelines: These are made to order, in batches. See the production graphic below to get a sense of how long these take to ship!

Final Product Images

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Installation Picture Highlights


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What you will need to provide:

  1. CPS1 PCB itself.
  2. HDMI Port (optional). These are standard D-Sized Connectors and can be blanked off with a blanking panel that is commercially available from places such as Amazon.
  3. 2x 12mm momentary pushbuttons (Optional). These can be any you want to use as long as they fit a 12mm circular cutout.
  4. CPSDigitalAV kit (Optional).
  5. HDMI cables for the Digital AV Kit (Optional).
  6. One Right Angle pin header (2×7 2.54mm pitch, it can be shrouded or not). You will need to modify the Game Selector screen with this. The standard connector is inaccessible due to its mounting.
  7. Mitsuguri_W’s CPS1 A board dip relocation board and cable.

Special Thanks to those that provided inputs and awesome discussion along the way.

These folks are awesome: Epyc, Xodara, Mathewbeall, ekorz, klemousse. Thanks to Mitsurugi_W for sending me the design files for one of his filter boards. I decided to not use that specific board in favor of another of his that fit the aesthetic better, but he was awesome and willing to send the files to ensure things fit right on the first try. Thanks to Darksoft for offering to send a prototype to measure out for a day or so. I ultimately didn’t end up using this as it would have impeded final beta testing, but the offer was still awesome.

Installation Guide 

Recommended Integrators

These are the folks that I know and trust to work on my gear or have a long history of great customer service and experience with my cases, installs, and more. Their work is their own and not affiliated with JasensCustoms (Jasen Hicks) at all.

iFixRetro (Ben Fong)

CruzLink (Jose Cruz)

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 6 in

Blue Top, Black Bottom (Standard Theme)

1 review for Capcom CPS1 Arcade PCB Case

  1. Jorel81 (verified owner)

    I just got mine in the mail, and this thing is gorgeous! I got the blue and yellow. The paint is bright and beautiful and the case itself is solid and feels well made. I am very happy with this and Jasen was super friendly. Would totally recommend these products. STOKED! 🙂

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