Arcade Case Mounting Brackets

Works with: CPS1, 2, 3 Cases, JAMMIX Case, and Konami Cases
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Arcade Case Brackets

Long requested and put on the back burner until now, these brackets are sold in pairs and are “universal” so they fit all of my existing Arcade PCB Cases. This includes:

  • CPS1
  • CPS2
  • CPS3
  • Konami

Unlike other brackets, they screw into the case on the bottom where the feet normally install. The included flat head 6-32 screws (4 of them) will sit flush with the bracket when assembled allowing your case/bracket assembly to be screwed flush to the mounting board in your cabinet. Because they fit so many cases, they are large so that the biggest case I made can be accommodated.

Production starts April 3rd to let everyone get in on this run.


  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Black Powder Coated
  • Mounting holes to attach to the case are counter sunk
  • Mounting Slots and screw holes at each end are not counter sunk

What you Need to Provide

4x Mounting Screws for final install in your cabinet
1x PCB Case of your choosing

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs


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