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Capcom CPS2 Arcade PCB Case

Production On Hold until July 2023.
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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 6 in

Blue Top, Black Bottom (Standard Theme)


CPS2 Metal Protective Case/Enclosure.

The Capcom Play System 2, also known as the CPS2, is an incredibly popular arcade platform amongst arcade hobbyists. With the Darksoft MultiKit, real arcade hardware use at home and in tournaments has never been easier. I designed the first CPS2 case years ago to solve a need I had, to put my multikit in a nice complete case. The design was simple, clean, and offered an easy way to protect your hardware. In 2020, I officially closed up shop to start on my MBA but the demand for these cases remained. In 2021 I did offer a single run of the cases at the request of a few folks with the addition of a single HDMI passthrough cutout. It was a great success.

Updates to the case for this run: Two – 12mm button for the DigitalAV controls. Refined bottom mounting points using metric fasteners and a slightly altered layout due to some fitment issues brought up. (I bought a second CPS2 A board to measure and averaged the two I have to finalize the mounting points).

CPS2 Case Rear Updates
CPS2 Case updates include 2x 12mm button holes, HDMI passthrough, and more form fitting rear cutout.



What you will receive:  CPS2 Case with basic assembly hardware.

Case Details:

  • Cold Rolled Steel, powder coated finish.
  • All graphics are digitally printed direct to the case. No stickers!
  • Supports the DigitalAV with HDMI port and 2x 12mm Button Cutouts.
  • Access to JAMMA Edge, Audio Output, and Kick Harness.
  • Rubber feet on the bottom.
  • Simple two piece design.

What you will need to provide:

  1. CPS2 System itself.
  2. CPSDigitalAV kit (Optional).
  3. HDMI Passthrough
  4. HDMI Blanking Plate
  5. R/A Pin Header for the Screen (you need to desolder and use the right angle pin header)
  6. 60mm Fan

UPDATED 11/15/22: Each production run, aka pre-order period, will be open for about 30 days. Once complete, I will being manufacturing and shipping them. To keep costs as low as possible, they will ship about 18 days after the pre-order period ends. That means, you can expect to wait about 48 days to get your case. This is the most economical way to keep these in production.

Shipping Timelines: These are made to order, in batches. See the production graphic below to get a sense of how long these take to ship!


Part Links (Not an endorsement or an affiliate link):

HDMI Passthrough:
HDMI Port Blanking Plate (if you wont use the HDMI port)
R/A Pin Header:
Double Check that its indeed a 2 row by 7 column arrangement on your screen. Its always good to back me up 🙂
12mm Switches. You need three. Any will work, these are just the first that popped on Amazon:
Internal HDMI Cable:
There are a number of ways to get this setup, but you don’t have a lot of room to get crazy big cables for your build. I think a right angle cable will be best. Something that orients DOWN from the HDMI ports to ensure their is enough room. Kind of like the one end on this:
Finally, Don’t forget your fan! A replacement 60mm fan. This can support any standard size fan; 60x60x25 is probably the most common.

Color Examples:


  1. Do I need to install the DigitalAV kit? No. The cutouts are provided for convenience and simplicity because you can’t easily cut steel at home. Its just easier to provide them and populate the parts even if you won’t use them now.
  2. Can you provide any of the additional parts with the kit? Due to the limited quantities of these I can’t economically obtain and store parts to include with the cases.
  3. Do I pay now or when it ships? Now please.

Recommended Integrators

These are the folks that I know and trust to work on my gear or have a long history of great customer service and experience with my cases, installs, and more. Their work is their own and not affiliated with JasensCustoms (Jasen Hicks) at all.

iFixRetro (Ben Fong)

CruzLink (Jose Cruz)

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 6 in

Blue Top, Black Bottom (Standard Theme)

3 reviews for Capcom CPS2 Arcade PCB Case

  1. Huey Le

    the best cases for CPS2 with Darksoft Multi kit. Print quality to powder-coating are excellent.

  2. Conner (verified owner)

    The dimensions are perfect and the cases are so beautiful, I leave them out when not in use! Couldn’t be happier.

  3. Patrick Skelly (verified owner)

    I ordered my case in July of 2022. It came perfect and was vey easy to put together. The build quality is stellar.
    I take this to my local FGC event every single week and its held up great.
    The paint hasn’t chipped and the metal hasn’t dented at all.

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