Join our affiliate program

My affiliate program is simple – when you refer customers to my site, I’ll give you 5% of any sale resulting from your affiliate link as a thank you for helping spread the word about my product drops. No weird point systems, no requirement to spend your affiliate cash with me, or otherwise. Just a payment, monthly, to your PayPal account.

A couple of notes: You won’t earn referrals on items you buy for yourself. The program will remain active until there are no benefits to either you as an affiliate or me as the site owner. If the program is shut down, all remaining balances will be paid out prior to it going offline. There is no need or requirement for you to be a customer to participate. Affiliates may be removed from the program and will forfeit any earnings if intentionally brining unwarranted negative attention to me, other customers, or any products offered on the site.

Updated Terms and Conditions 02/01/2023:

1. All affiliate payouts are all handled via PayPal. This keeps the program easy to manage and was the intended payment system when setup. 

2. Payouts can not be made if your account is not fully up to date. This includes actual user information and a valid PayPal email address added to your Affiliate Program profile.

3. All affiliates are automatically approved – but manually reviewed. I don’t want to stop anyone from signing up, however, manual review of social media activity and websites will be conducted to ensure affiliates don’t participate in activities that are negative, inclusive, hateful, or otherwise.

4. You may find your Affiliate Control Panel by logging into the “My Account” section on