Panzer Fight Stick 3 – Electrical – Panzer Fight Stick (All Variants) Rocker Switch Details

Many times people ask what the cutout sizes are for the Panzer Fight Stick Rocker Switches. These are the switches for LS/RS/DP mode and the LOCK ON/OFF switch found on the front of the case. Here’s a snip from the datasheet so you can customize that switch however you’d like for some wild builds!


Further, if you are curious what switches we use for other projects, here you go! Links to the pages provided as well.

SRJ24A3BBBNN – This is the ON-OFF-ON switch used for LS/DP/RS mode. It has a “neutral” middle (where you connect GND) and an ON leg on either side that connects each pole to GND. This is how we get the LS/RS/DP magic to work with the Brook Universal Fighting Board.

SRJ22A3BBBNN – This is the ON-OFF switch used to LOCK the front panel buttons. It basically connects the “LOCK GND” to GND when toggled ON, and opens “LOCK GND” when OFF so the signals never go low and the Brook Universal Fighting Board doesn’t know a button is being pressed, aka it’s locked.

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