IPFB on the Panzer Fight Stick 3/3i

A new question that has popped up recently is whether or not the Integrated Pico Fighting Board (IPFB) is compatible with the Panzer Fight Stick 3. In sort, yes it is with some caveats. The IPFB does not have a DP, LS, RS connection like the Brook PCBs where you can shift your lever between […]

Panzer Fight Stick 4 Build Guide

Ready to build your Panzer Fight Stick 4 and need a bit of help? Here’s the official build guide! Download:  PFS4-AssemblyGuide1.1

The Panzer Fight Stick History

Panzer Fight Stick History

I didn’t start making Fight Sticks with the intention of turning it into a business. In 2012 I built a SuperGun and needed a controller to use. Based off a build photo I saw on the NEO-GEO forums using a Hammond Enclosure I broke out my tools, paint, and wiring skills and got to work […]

Panzer Fight Stick 3 – Electrical – Does the EZ BUILD System add “lag”?

First, “lag” isn’t an appropriate term to use for Fight Sticks. There is no “lag” in the system, electrons are going to flow at the same rate always. What people call “lag” is actually system response time or latency. System response is the time measured from a button signal being sensed by the PCB, in our […]