Panzer Fight Stick 3 – Mechanical – Panzer Fight Stick 3/3i Hardware Sizes

People frequently ask what all the hardware sizes are for the Panzer Fight Stick 3/3i. Well, here you go! A complete list:

  • Hardware that holds the top half of the case to the bottom:
    • 6-32 threads – At least 1/2″ long (8 total required)
  • PCB screws internal to the case:
    • 4-40 threaded, 3/8″ long (8 total required)
  • Pass through connectors (pro cable kits, usb pass through):
    • Screw is Flat Head 4-40 threads 3/4″ long (2 required)
    • 4 external tooth lock washer (2 required)
    • 4-40 hex nut (2 required)
  • Lever Mounting:
    • JLF: 3/8″ TRUSS HEAD 6-32 threaded screw  (4 required)
    • Korean Lever: 1/2″ PAN HEAD 6-32 threaded screw (4 required)
    • #6 Washer (4 required)
    • #6 Split Ring Lock Washer (4 required)
  • Plexi Mounting:
    • M4 PAN HEAD screw, 1/2″ long (5 required)
  • Feet Mounting:
    • 10-24 threads, at least 1″ long (4 required)

You can find all of these at your local hardware store such as HOME DEPOT, LOWES, or ACE HARDWARE. There are also plenty of online hardware shops that sell them all too, but after shipping its usually cheaper to pick them up locally.

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