Panzer Fight Stick 3 – Compatibility – What consoles are the Panzer Fight Stick 3 compatible with?

That’s a more complex question than you may believe! The Panzer Fight Stick 3 is a case built around the idea that it should be easy to assemble, customizable, and compatible with whatever YOU want it to be. 

The EZ BUILD system that comes stock with every single Panzer Fight Stick is designed around the BROOK UNIVERSAL FIGHTING BOARD, or UFB for short. Everything is plug and play between the UFB (when purchased with the kit) and your new Panzer Fight Stick 3. This means your new PFS3 will be compatible with:

  • Sony PlayStation 4
  • Sony PlayStation 3
  • Microsoft Xbox ONE
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Nintendo Wii U (Games that support the Pokken Pad)
  • Nintendo Switch (Games that support the Pokken Pad)
  • PC (Defaults to XBOX ONE mode on Windows PCs)

If you want a cheaper alternative to the UFB, the Akishop Customs PS360+ is a good alternative and works with PS3/XBox 360 and older consoles such as the Sega Dreamcast, Sony PS2, etc. You will want to use the RJ-45 output of this board to take full advantage of the classic (non-usb based) consoles. If you go this route, be advised you will need a NEUTRIK RJ-45 pass-through connector and 1FT CAT5 cable to connect the PS360+ to the RJ-45 pass-through. These are not included in the DIY KIT and Jasen’s Customs does not sell them nor the PS360+ PCB.

Other internal PCBs can be adapted to work with the EZ BUILD system inside the Panzer Fight Stick 3, but novice builders should stick with the PS360+ or UFB.

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