1. All sales can be cancelled, without penalty, as long as they are not in production or have not shipped. Once panels, cases, PCBs, or pre-order items have entered production your order can not be cancelled.
  2. Shipping and handling will be charged at check out. In the rare event that shipping is improperly applied due to a website error, improper application of coupons, etc. we will reach out to rectify the situation. This doesn’t happen often, but it can happen.
  3. Customs fees are charged by your country. We have no control over these fees or what they are. The shipping carrier may charge additional fees to handle customs clearance – this is not a result of anything done by us and we can not control it. You are responsible for any and all import fees. If you decline to pay the import fees, the items could be destroyed by the courier and this will NOT result in a refund of your items. If you fail to properly import the items and they are returned instead of destroyed, we will refund the order minus any return shipping costs, administrative costs, or other costs incurred due to failure to pay for the import fees.
  4. If there are any issues or concerns with your order, please use the contact form to email us directly. Twitter, Discord, Facebook, etc. are not viable channels for support. This is to protect you and your personal information – not to hide issues.
  5. Many of our items are produced and shipped separately – this is to keep production lines running efficiently and to minimize opportunities for errors.

Chargebacks and PayPal Claims

Bottom line – I will work to remedy issues that arise during shipping. Sometimes, things happen. I can’t control FedEx or USPS and the quality of their service. Additionally, if customs agents open your packages and cause damage I can’t help that either. I will try to help figure out a proper solution in these situations but will require more information, pictures, and details of the situation. If you refuse or are unwilling to provide details so we can figure out a solution and simply issue a PayPal claim or charge back – all communications will go through that process in its entirety. Additionally, I may elect to no longer do business with you and cancel any future orders you place.

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