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Traditional Vewlix Inspired Artwork

Adobe Illustrator Files Only - Pair with a Printed Plexi Run

Suggested price: $15.00

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Traditional Vewlix Inspired Artwork

This artwork was styled after the iconic traditional Taito Vewlix cabinets in arcades. It has lines with the same concentric circle designs you’ve come to expect from this panel overlay with an understated background. These were created in Illustrator from scratch using pictures of panel overlays.

When you purchase this item you can edit it and customize it for your own needs or simply leave it as is and submit it for a printed plexi print. The choice is yours!

Note: Once purchased you have 5 days to download the file. This is a one time access! Be sure to save your files in a safe spot.


One ZipFile that contains art designed for each of the following:

  • The PFS4/MCZ TE Panel Art for Hitbox Inspired Layouts
  • The PFS4/MCZ TE Panel Art for Namco Noir Inspired Layouts
  • The PFS4/MCZ TE Panel Art for Sega P1 [Wide] Inspired Layouts
  • The PFS4/MCZ TE Panel Art for Sega P2 [Wide] Inspired Layouts
  • The PFS4/MCZ TE Panel Art for Vewlix [Wide] Inspired Layout

Does Not Include:

  • Customization
  • Printing
  • Support (unless the file will not load).

Perfect for Printed Plexi!

These look great on my printed plexi runs that occur every month. Add this and a printed plexi spot to your cart to get the best possible print/acrylic overlay you can imagine for your upcoming build.

Allowable Usage

These files are provided for PERSONAL USE ONLY on YOUR PERSONAL FIGHT STICKS. Please do not take me and my team’s time investment and do a basic remix (or even no remix) and offer this for sale to others either on my templates or other templates on the internet. I offer these files for those looking to create the arcade look of iconic panels on their fight stick builds but may lack the time, experience, or ability to create this on their own.


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