SOCD V4 – CPT Legal Design Files

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Suggested price: $1.00


CPT just came out with new rules about SOCD cleaning – U+D must become NEUTRAL (or both sent to game) and L+R must become NEUTRAL (or both sent to game). Most Hitbox controllers don’t do this, they have U+D = U. Some manufacturers are implementing firmware updates to force this and others may not. It’s very early to tell. These essentially free files let you get an SOCD cleaner made that complies to the rules. Use the files to get 5 boards made by for about $20 and share them with your friends or install them all in your sticks.

As of 3/30/23 – these files are UNVERIFIED – but I am rather confident they will work fine.

You will need to solder some parts: specifically: JST PH-2 connector, a JST BS5P-SHF-1AA connector, and a 1×8 position 2.54mm pitch screw terminal (or 2 4 pin versions). JLCPCB will assemble the surface mount parts.

During the process verify your surface mount parts looks like this:

You will have:

  • GERBER FILES for manufacturing
  • CPL FILES for SURFACE MOUNT part locations

There is no warranty for this PCB. Feel free to duck into my Discord for discussions though!


Licensing: These files are meant for end users and hobbyists, not businesses. Don’t make these to sell, doing so will make me remove the files for everyone else.


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