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Panzer Fight Stick 4 Aluminum Bezel

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 1 in

Black, Silver, Purple, Red, Blue, Green


Panzer Fight Stick 4 Aluminum Bezel [Optional Dress Up Part]

The Panzer Fight Stick 4 is an awesome base for your next build. From swappable panels, to optional printed plexi, what more can you do? Add a slick surround bezel to really add that finishing touch to your build! Madcatz did this on their original TE series and it added a lot of cool customization options. Since the PFS4 uses the same panel as the TE, I figured a bezel would be the perfect addon; plus it really finishes the edges of the build up nicely.

Bezels are optional and not required in any way. 

 How is it built?

  • Each bezel is machined from a single piece of aluminum stock, bead blasted, and anodized.
  • Due to tolerances with powder coating, metal variance, machining, and plexi variance there may be a slight (fractions of millimeters) experienced with these. This should be negligible though.

Compatibility Info:

  •  These only work with the Panzer Fight Stick 4. The original TE bezel has another part on the bottom that protrudes into the case which these do not have.
  • You need to use both a panel and a plexi with these bezels. I highly recommend a printed plexi art piece.

Color Options:

  • Based on customer feedback, the available color options are BLACK, SILVER, and PURPLE. More may be added later on depending on the popularity of the initial run.


Panzer Fight Stick 4 with a black bezel installed


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Pre Order Details:

There are 50 of each bezel in production right now. I expect these to ship mid-March and they will ship separately from any Panzers/Prints/Panels.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 1 in

Black, Silver, Purple, Red, Blue, Green

1 review for Panzer Fight Stick 4 Aluminum Bezel

  1. Patrick Skelly (verified owner)

    This bezel is a must! The PFS4 and a button layout panel of your choice is great but getting this bezel and a plexi take it to another level of finish and comfort.
    The blue color also looks stellar with black and blue chassis.

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