Panzer Fight Stick 4 Aluminum Bezel

Pre-Order. Ships Mid-March.
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Black, Silver, Purple


Panzer Fight Stick 4 Aluminum Bezel [Optional Dress Up Part]

The Panzer Fight Stick 4 is an awesome base for your next build. From swappable panels, to optional printed plexi, what more can you do? Add a slick surround bezel to really add that finishing touch to your build! Madcatz did this on their original TE series and it added a lot of cool customization options. Since the PFS4 uses the same panel as the TE, I figured a bezel would be the perfect addon; plus it really finishes the edges of the build up nicely.

Bezels are optional and not required in any way. 

 How is it built?

  • Each bezel is machined from a single piece of aluminum stock, bead blasted, and anodized.
  • Due to tolerances with powder coating, metal variance, machining, and plexi variance there may be a slight (fractions of millimeters) experienced with these. This should be negligible though.

Compatibility Info:

  •  These only work with the Panzer Fight Stick 4. The original TE bezel has another part on the bottom that protrudes into the case which these do not have.
  • You need to use both a panel and a plexi with these bezels. I highly recommend a printed plexi art piece.

Color Options:

  • Based on customer feedback, the available color options are BLACK, SILVER, and PURPLE. More may be added later on depending on the popularity of the initial run.

Examples of the colors can be seen on my aluminum shafts below:

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Panzer Fight Stick 4 with a black bezel installed


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Pre Order Details:

There are 50 of each bezel in production right now. I expect these to ship mid-March and they will ship separately from any Panzers/Prints/Panels.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Black, Silver, Purple


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