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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in
Color Scheme

All Black, Light Gray Top and Retro Gray Bottom (NES THEME)



Please take note of the current production timelines as well!

The team behind JAMMIX developed an awesome kit to turn your MiSTeR FPGA into a nice console-esque build when paired with a standard ITX case. I thought this was brilliant since I don’t like the squid look that most MiSTeR builds have due to the hardware layout of the DE-10 Nano board and the limited space forcing design choices for addon PCBs. Other JAMMA PCBs to modify MiSTeR are on the market but I really was drawn to the way this one used a known standard and was dual focused: inside arcade cabinets and on your media stand with the rest of your consoles or HTPC.

So what, plenty of ITX PC cases exist. Yes, that’s true and most are pretty cheap. A lot cheaper than my case for sure. Here’s the value added when you buy a case designed for JAMMIX:

  1. You get to choose one of two color ways
  2. The case is designed for this exact use case. You don’t have to cut up a case to fit extra buttons and LEDs nor create a cutout to access the JAMMA edge.
  3. It’s all steel, no plastic.
  4. It’s designed to maximize airflow.
  5. There are 4 USB ports on the front so you and your friends don’t have to reach the back of the case to plug in more controllers.
  6. Its simple, clean, and functional.

What does it come with?

  1. The Case as shown with rubber feet and hardware.

Case Dimensions

~9″ wide, ~3″ tall, and ~10″ deep.

Case Color Options

For this March 2023 run, Black and Retro Gray/Light Gray case options are available.

What do you need to provide?

  1. A JAMMIX Kit
  2. DE-10 Nano
  3. PicoPSU
  4. Power Brick with the 4 Pin power connector – these are available with the Pico PSU usually.
  5. 4x 12mm push buttons and wiring to connect them to JAMMIX
    • Any button that fits a 12mm hole will work.
    • These have leads already attached saving some work.
  6. 3x LEDs for the status indicators and wiring to connect them to JAMMIX. The following are used in this build and a perfect fit:
  7. USB Hub
  8. 40mm fan.
  9. 2x USB Panel Mount Connectors from https://www.frontx.com/store/order_pb.html. Buy these: DUAL USB TYPE A – panel F to 2×5 F (P1082)


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Order Details

This is a DROP – meaning, the order form will be up for about 20 days to let people get orders in and then production will start. Production will take about 15-18 days from the end of the order period and your case will be shipped directly to you. You are responsible for import taxes where applicable (i.e. international order). Once an order is placed I can cancel it up to the day the list closes, after that the order is finalized. Payment is due on order.


Links are provided for convenience only. These are not considered an endorsement for quality, good customer service, or otherwise. MiSTeR isn’t for everyone and does take some tweaks and patience to setup. I am not a pro and end up googling a lot to get things working sometimes. Once it is setup, its pretty awesome. I hope this full setup makes it look just as awesome.


I designed a 3D printed plug for the JAMMA side of the case for those not using this inside a cabinet. It will plug the hole and simply press fit onto the JAMMA edge. The STL file is available here.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in
Color Scheme

All Black, Light Gray Top and Retro Gray Bottom (NES THEME)

2 reviews for MiSTer JAMMIX ITX Case

  1. ap

    Great premium case with USB headers and fast international shipping. Top notch design and construction as expected from any of Jasen’s products, like screw-on rubber feet when others would have used an adhesive or not used them at all. This case is for you if you’ve ever wanted a mini-Panzer as an ITX case.

  2. KMS (verified owner)

    The highest quality ITX case currently available for the Mister in my opinion. The attention to detail and quality of the build and tolerances is the best of the best. This case feels substantial and is a nice show piece amongst other gaming greatness in my man cave. I am using this case with my Ironclad Mini ITX and am really happy with the result. Highly recommended!

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