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DiagonalSafe [PCB Design Files]

Add dedicated diagonal buttons to your Fight Stick safely - and cheaply!

Suggested price: $5.00

Additional information


Do you want to have dedicated diagonal buttons for your fight stick but don’t want to bother with  wiring in diodes or coding a microprocessor to do it cleanly? I wrote a Safe Diagonal Article that describes how to do it the wrong way and the right way. I realized that doing a bunch of wiring to make this happen with 4 dedicated diagonal buttons would get cumbersome really quickly so I whipped up this PCB that does it for you.


  1. 8x Surface Mount Diodes to prevent constant double input presses from buttons.
  2. 8x JST PH-2 connectors for easy connection to each input button.
  3. 1x JST PH-5 connector to link the board to the fighting board of your choice.
  4. No power required.


This is an untested design. Once its validated I will remove this note and state it’s status.

What Files are Included?

  • EagleCAD Schematic and Board File
  • CPL file
  • BOM file will make 5 boards with the SMD parts attached for $18 as of 12/24/2022 plus applicable shipping.


You pick your price as to the value you think these files will give you.

Allowable Usage

Personal use only. Don’t get these made and sell them. Use them for your personal builds and projects only. Do not share the files with friends. I make these available for the community to have fun with, not to exploit licensing loop holes and profit off of my random work. If you do want to sell these, reach out and we can work out a fair deal.


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