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[Design Files] – Hori VLX Aux Panel


Suggested price: $2.95

Additional information


This is a digital download. You must 3D print this in order to use it.

This is a simple 3D printed part to replace the stock “aux” panel on a Hori VLX arcade stick. Included is the 3MF file for immediate printing and the SOLIDWORKS file to allow you to tweak the design for your specific use case (i.e. you have different buttons or less buttons you want on your aux panel).  As is, it has 5x 12mm holes to support 5x 12mm buttons to be installed.

Print recommendations: Print on a textured plate face down. This will give a nice non 3D printed look for the finished portions you will see when installed. I printed with 50% infill, but it was probably a bit overkill.


New Retail: Name Your Own Price. That’s right. If you think this is worth $50 you can pay it. If you think its worth only $1, you can pay that too. Have fun. Make stuff!


You agree to the following when you buy any of my files to useThese files provided as-is, without support. You may freely use them for NON-COMMERCIAL USE only. Basically, use them to make parts for yourself only or send to a shop to get made a couple of as a one off project. Don’t use them and make minor tweaks, call it something else and sell it. If you build, sell, design fight sticks, make replacement parts, or have things on hand to resell and are thinking of adding something from my page to your offerings. Please don’t. That’s not allowed. Have integrity.


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