Integrated Pico Fighting Board (IPFB) Setup

Welcome to the Integrated Pico Fighting Board (IPFB). If you’re here you have recently received your IPFB and want to verify your setup. First and foremost, the IPFB comes with the Pico Fighting Board Variant firmware pre-loaded. This is the 99% solution and will likely work for 99% of the FGC.  The IPFB uses the […]

Panzer Fight Stick 4 Build Guide

Ready to build your Panzer Fight Stick 4 and need a bit of help? Here’s the official build guide! Download:  PFS4-AssemblyGuide1.1

JOYDAC – The Digital to Analog Converter for Brook PCBs

In 2020 I was commissioned to build a stick that required a lot of extra directional inputs. The stipulation was, they couldn’t be “double stuffed” into the Brook PCB. Meaning, I couldn’t just connect two buttons to the UP screw terminal so there were two UP buttons. They had to use the analog joystick inputs […]