General – FAQ – Kaimana Khameleon and the Brook PS4+ Board

The Kaimana Khameleon system was designed around the Universal Fighting Board / PS360+. Brook thought it would be a good idea to move everything around on the PS4+ with Audio Board (they didn’t consult any vendors on this design), therefore they aren’t pin for pin compatible and you should use a Kaimana Mini with the […]

General – FAQ – MK30 ADCAP SuperGun Builds – CLOSED

The MK30 ADCAP build will not be coming back for a number of years. I am either in preparations to move to Japan or have already made the transition and as such I do not have the time nor resources to hand build each one and ship them around the world from a tiny home […]

General – FAQ – PFS:ALU – Creating a Lockable Daisy Chain

I decided to leave the Lock Switch as an option on the Panzer Fight Stick: Aluminum to ensure you had the most complete and well thought out case available in the ultra light weight form factor. Without the EZ BUILD system though, it can be a bit daunting trying to figure out how to wire […]

General – FAQ – Custom Fight Stick and Panel Request Details – START HERE

Standard Jasen’s Customs Questionnaire and Information for Custom Fight Sticks A non-refundable deposit of $100 (via PayPal) is required to get started beyond just basic discussion; typically I can do anything you ask so unless you have some wild idea that requires hundreds of pieces and parts I can make your custom fight stick case. […]