Two Paths to Panzer Fight Stick Greatness – Now Available

Waiting up to 30 days to get the parts for a Panzer build can be terrible. Production queues are long, panels and chassis may ship at different times, and sometimes you just want the parts ASAP. I understand and have taken this feedback onboard to better improve the overall customer experience. You will now see […]

CPS1 Cases in the Wild!

The CPS1 case launch has been a wild ride. Development all the way to delivery has been stressful and enjoyable at the same time. I received my CPS1 multi-kit in June and by August 1st the second prototype was being finalized, validated, and the order list opened up. I can honestly say that there was […]

Hiding the CPS3 BIOS Cartridge inside your CPS3 case

Have you ever been concerned that the bios cartridge PCI slot or the cartridge itself might get damaged when you’re shuffling the CPS3 case inside your cab or your backpack during transit? Worry no more! There is a simple hack for CPS3 that allow you to hide the cartridge inside the Jasen’s Customs CPS3 case […]

First Printed Plexi Run of 2022

I’m doing another Printed Plexi run, the first of 2022. This should be a great opportunity to do all sorts of stuff including printed dust washers (if you want to make them), custom artwork for your Panzer Fight Stick, any of the panels I’ve made, or even your own custom panels/sticks you’ve had built over […]

Panzer Fight Stick 3 – Electrical – Does the EZ BUILD System add “lag”?

First, “lag” isn’t an appropriate term to use for Fight Sticks. There is no “lag” in the system, electrons are going to flow at the same rate always. What people call “lag” is actually system response time or latency. System response is the time measured from a button signal being sensed by the PCB, in our […]