First Printed Plexi Run of 2022

I’m doing another Printed Plexi run, the first of 2022. This should be a great opportunity to do all sorts of stuff including printed dust washers (if you want to make them), custom artwork for your Panzer Fight Stick, any of the panels I’ve made, or even your own custom panels/sticks you’ve had built over […]

Bulk Shipping Status

I’m sure you read the Shipping Information Page and understand that orders get consolidated (after packing and labeling) and shipped to the US to minimize the number of individual packages being sent on a daily basis. Here’s the status of those larger boxes:

Arthrimus – R.M.A.F

The standard fight stick layout is awesome… for fighters. What if you want to 1CC your favorite SHMUP and would prefer to have the buttons laid out a certain way without having to open your favorite fight stick? What if you want to have two buttons that do the same thing but one with auto-fire […]

Shipping Information and Timelines

Yes, this was displayed boldly on the website when you placed your order. This single post can and will answer about 99.9% of the questions regarding shipping, so I wanted to keep it readily available so that I could refer back to it when I inevitably get a couple hundred questions about shipping status… Archives

Welcome to the archive. I am slowly migrating important bits of information from my help desk, website, and other various items to this archive for your use. The goal is to maximize information while keeping required emails, discussions, etc. to a minimum so I can focus on my MBA. Why? I am getting my MBA […]