Panzer Fight Stick 4 Templates

Panzer Fight Stick 4 - Printed Plexi, Optional Bezel Installed. Art by Flip_ATX

The Panzer Fight Stick 4 is here! The swappable panels are compatible with both Panzer 4 and the Madcatz TE line up of fight sticks and can be purchased here. The best part about the Panzer series is that you can customize it to be your own, including killer artwork. I have made both the […]

The Panzer Fight Stick History

Panzer Fight Stick History

I didn’t start making Fight Sticks with the intention of turning it into a business. In 2012 I built a SuperGun and needed a controller to use. Based off a build photo I saw on the NEO-GEO forums using a Hammond Enclosure I broke out my tools, paint, and wiring skills and got to work […]

TE EZ MOD Install Notes: Jumpers and Slider Switches!

The TE EZ MOD is a rather painless install. There are a couple minor tweaks you need to do though. Cut the SJ2 or SJ3 jumper with an exacto-knife depending on your home panel situation. See the graphic below for which to cut. Trim the actuators on the slide switches with some flush cut snips. […]

JOYDAC – The Digital to Analog Converter for Brook PCBs

In 2020 I was commissioned to build a stick that required a lot of extra directional inputs. The stipulation was, they couldn’t be “double stuffed” into the Brook PCB. Meaning, I couldn’t just connect two buttons to the UP screw terminal so there were two UP buttons. They had to use the analog joystick inputs […]

MCZ TE EZ MOD Urgent Install Note

It has come to my attention that the USB Adapter for the TE EZ MOD and cable had a slight problem during manufacturing. Most of you have probably already installed the EZ MOD with no issues, however, those of you installing it in the future will benefit from the keen eye from a fellow discord […]

CPS1 Cases in the Wild!

The CPS1 case launch has been a wild ride. Development all the way to delivery has been stressful and enjoyable at the same time. I received my CPS1 multi-kit in June and by August 1st the second prototype was being finalized, validated, and the order list opened up. I can honestly say that there was […]

First Printed Plexi Run of 2022

I’m doing another Printed Plexi run, the first of 2022. This should be a great opportunity to do all sorts of stuff including printed dust washers (if you want to make them), custom artwork for your Panzer Fight Stick, any of the panels I’ve made, or even your own custom panels/sticks you’ve had built over […]