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We want to help you! That’s right! Let us help promote your event through our social media channels because a community that works together, thrives together! Send us your event information using this form:

A couple bits of information:

  1. Our effectiveness is based on the information you provide. We schedule the posts for a year so its seamless and automatic. Automation is fun!
  2. Your graphic provided should be 1024x512KB at 72dpi. We have a template, linked below, that will help you ensure the pertinent information is on it. Info graphics are super important and far more effective than just text!
  3. We will do our best to tag your event’s Facebook and Twitter page. 
  4. We use both Facebook and Twitter, as of this writing, to promote events.
  5. Our assistance in promoting your event does not make us a sponsor, supporter, etc. Our promotion is for INFORMATION only.

Template Info:

  1. Its setup to meet the above requirements.
  2. Make it your own! I only added the basic information that I think is necessary for a quality INFO Graphic. If you need help making one, there are a ton of designers out there. Here are a few I have worked with:
    1. – Purple Grimace Designs (Namor, Tekken PFS3i)
    2. – Arcadia Customs (SNES/SFC PFS3i)
    3. – Hibachi Final (LI Joe PFS3, SCR2017 PFS3, various ads)


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