General – FAQ – PFS:ALU – Creating a Lockable Daisy Chain

I decided to leave the Lock Switch as an option on the Panzer Fight Stick: Aluminum to ensure you had the most complete and well thought out case available in the ultra light weight form factor. Without the EZ BUILD system though, it can be a bit daunting trying to figure out how to wire it up so it works. So, I offer the following information and graphic:

1. Cut some black wire so you can create loops between the buttons. Usually about 2″ is more than enough. You can trim and perfect it for a super clean look.

2. Start at the end of the aux button row and crimp a .110″ quick disconnect onto one of the wires.

3. Take the end of the wire with the quick disconnect on it, another wire you cut earlier, and crimp another quick disconnect to it. Yes, you will have two wires in one quick disconnect.

4. Repeat until you can link all the buttons to the lock switch. The best daisy chain will have 3x .110″ quick disconnects on one side, a .187″ quick disconnect in the middle, and finally 3x quick disconnects on the other side. Basically, 3-1-3. If you want to include the LS/RS/DP switch as a lockable feature (meaning it will be DP only when locked out) you can have 3-2-3 since you will need a second Lockable Ground in the middle of your loop that uses a .187″ quick disconnect.

5. Connect the other terminal of the Lock Switch to the Brook UFB or PCB of your choice’s GND or GROUND connection. When you toggle the Lock Switch on/off you will enable or disable the buttons.

6. The other tab of each button can be connected to the Brook UFB as you normally would, direct to the correct signal point on the PCB.

Here’s a graphic to help show what a basic connection would look like:

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