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The MK30 ADCAP build will not be coming back for a number of years. I am either in preparations to move to Japan or have already made the transition and as such I do not have the time nor resources to hand build each one and ship them around the world from a tiny home in the greater Tokyo region. I am working in the background to improve upon the build quality, functionality, and costs associated with the ADCAP so that it can come back in the future.


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Bulk Shipping Status

I’m sure you read the Shipping Information Page and understand that orders get consolidated (after packing and labeling) and shipped to the US to minimize the number of individual packages being sent on a daily basis. Here’s the status of those larger boxes:

Shipping Information and Timelines

Yes, this was displayed boldly on the website when you placed your order. This single post can and will answer about 99.9% of the questions regarding shipping, so I wanted to keep it readily available so that I could refer back to it when I inevitably get a couple hundred questions about shipping status…

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