General – FAQ – What are the advantages of the Pro Cable Kit?

The Jasen’s Customs Pro Cable Kit has a few distinct advantages over the standard SwitchCraft or Neutrik USB Type B connector pass through connection.

  1. Over time the USB Cable and USB Port will wear down due to plugging them together and disconnecting them frequently. This is just a standard metallurgic fact as metals, over time, because less rigid. Because both are easily replaced this is not a huge concern… unless it happens mid match. The Pro Cable kit uses an aviation standard connector designed for frequent plugs and unplugs.
  2. USB cables lack a locking mechanism. USB connections rely on friction to hold the cable into the connector. Friction lock can fail and is easy to pull out by mistake. The Pro Cable uses a screw and captive nut connection on the cable to ensure this can not happen.
  3. Signal wise the USB cable and Pro Cable Kit are electronically the same.
  4. The Pro Cable kits look more industrial than the standard USB cable, more fitting of the military styling and build quality of the Panzer Fight Stick.

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