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The standard fight stick layout is awesome… for fighters. What if you want to 1CC your favorite SHMUP and would prefer to have the buttons laid out a certain way without having to open your favorite fight stick? What if you want to have two buttons that do the same thing but one with auto-fire and one as standard fire? You can’t without fancy wiring and a lot of extra (and non-existent) hardware, until now!

Re.Map.Auto.Fire by Arthrimus (R.M.A.F.) is here to solve all of these issues in a convenient form factor that supports a wide array of fight stick builds!

Note: Brook PCB not included. Shown for demonstration purposes only!


  1. Any button can be remapped to any output.
  2. You can duplicate any button as many times as you want.
  3. Un-mapped buttons are disabled.
  4. Auto-fire has 6 different speeds and each button can have its own rate of fire set individually.
  5. The R.M.A.F. allows you to create and store up to 8 different button mappings and auto fire settings that can be loaded on the fly.
  6. Automatically loads the last used profile so you can set it and leave it to a specific mapping you always use.

Installation (See Guide Below)

  • Easy Installation in the Panzer Fight Stick by placing the R.M.A.F. on the 20-pin connector of the Brook Board in use and then connecting the 20 Pin ribbon to the male 20 pin connector on the R.M.A.F. PCB.
  • No EZ BUILD? No problems. Use the screw terminals on the R.M.A.F to connect your Punch/Kick buttons or a pre-made 20 pin harness can be attached to the male 20-pin connector on the R.M.A.F. PCB.

Optional (but recommended Accessories)

  • 2x Male-Female 4-40 PCB stand-offs. to support the PCB when installed on the Brook UFB PCB. 
  • If using in a case without built in stand-offs for a Brook PCB, we recommend 4x 4-40 screws and female-female spacers installed between the Brook PCB and the R.M.A.F. PCB for additional support. This method may require additional mounting hardware inside your case. Each fastening method will be different.

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